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Is There a Bonus Dividend in Your Future? 
Member Highlight:
Linda Baker

Bare Budget Guy Series:
What we learned by going through a family crisis with an emergency fund.

'Tis the season for giving.

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Annual Meeting

Results of Last Month's Survey:
What super power would you choose?

November's survey

Dividend Day is coming

The current year has been another good year for CCCU financial performance. It’s safe to say that there will be a Bonus Dividend in January. The question is: What will be the declared amount?

Last year, the total was $2.7 million dollars for our member/owners. How much do you think it will be this year? 

The dividend is a net value that the credit union earns throughout the year on operations and investments, but will not need to retain on hand. As a not-for-profit financial organization, CCCU makes it a practice to see that excess earnings are used to provide better rates, more free services, and/or be returned to the member/owners in the form of a bonus dividend. CCCU maintains a comfortable and safe 11% net worth ratio as a buffer against possible adverse financial conditions. CCCU's operations are examined annually by the Nevada state Financial Institutions Division. The credit union operates under a state charter formed in 1951. Deposits privately insured by American Share Insurance.

Member Highlight - Linda Baker

Linda Baker calls herself CCCU’s “happiest and most appreciative customer”. Before she joined the credit union, she had been seeing a trend of poor customer service nearly everywhere she went. In fact, poor customer service is what drove her away from her previous financial institution. 
Linda is a native Nevadan. She was born in Reno and moved to Las Vegas as a child in 1963. Since then Linda has witnessed a lot of changes in this town. She recalls the good ole days of Vegas, when it was truly a small town. She was a tour guide in college and she recalls fondly some of the questions she would receive from out-of-towners who couldn’t believe people actually LIVED in Vegas. “It was assumed by most tourists that all locals lived on the Strip,” she said. “I think some people still think that. In truth, most of us don’t even go visit the Strip all that often, right?”
Linda was nervous about switching her bank initially, because she was concerned about the process. She thought it would be frustrating and inconvenient to move everything over. However, she was fed up where she was, so she made the call to Clark County Credit Union. She said, “I could tell from my very first phone call that CCCU had a whole different attitude.”
She recalls that the representative who first assisted her was “helpful and considerate”. The process of switching her accounts ended up being much easier than she anticipated, and she’s been a loyal CCCU member ever since!
Now, the population of Clark County is over 2 million. Although it’s no longer a small town, Linda says, “CCCU makes it feel like a small town. They make you feel like family, which you are! Thanks CCCU!”
Linda Baker is owner of Linda Baker Promos here in Las Vegas. She has a weekly radio show on KUNV HD2 the Rebel at 2pm on Sunday afternoons, Sunday afternoon 60’s. If you wish to contact Linda Baker, you may email her at 

What we learned by going through a family crisis with an emergency fund
(By Mark Tew)
Just a few weeks ago, my wife abruptly pulled me aside from the chaos of 3 little ones running around on a Saturday morning. It caught me a little bit off guard, so I still wasn’t quite aware of what was going on when she looked at me with big eyes and said “I’m pregnant.” 

I responded like any good husband by saying “Huh?” 

I was confused. We had just given away all of our baby clothes. In other words, we were not planning on having any more babies in the near future.
The main reason we had decided not to have any more was because my wife got very sick for our last one, and it took a toll on everyone. She was very nervous to go through all that again. We vowed that if she ever did that we would do everything we could to let her rest and try to stay well. That included forking out a lot of money to pay for medicine, childcare, food preparation, and housekeeping. 

Let the spending begin
And so we started hiring out help. We’ve paid for several things that we’d never spent much money on including: 
professional house cleaning
professional meal service
easy packaged snack food for the kids 
Along the way, we’ve done even more spending on things such as yard work, fast food, and whatever helps her conserve as much energy as possible. 
The good news is that she did not get abnormally sick this time! Usually there is a very high likelihood that the sickness returns with subsequent pregnancies, but we believe that we were able to beat the odds by sacrificing some of our financial cushion as a form of preventative maintenance.
Financial preparation
The financial lesson we learned is this: All those early years of scrimping and saving paid off! They were seriously worth it!
Throwing hundreds of extra dollars each month out the door over this past few months has felt strange, but it has been relatively stress free for two reasons. 
1. We have an emergency fund in place. The general rule is to have 3 to 6 month’s worth of expenses on hand. Ours is closer to 6.
2. We knew that this very situation might be a financial emergency for us, and we had already planned how we would act and what we would spend money on before it occurred. 
It’s been amazing to have someone else occasionally do the cooking and cleaning, but we are not going to let it spoil us. It has actually made us determined to keep living financially smart once things get back to “normal.” 
Early sacrifices are gifts to your future self
If you are in the thick of trying to get yourself to a safe financial situation, keep going! It is a wonderful gift to give yourself, your spouse, and your family! Money isn’t everything, but it sure goes a long way in getting through the unforeseen crises we will all face.
Mark Tew is a CPA, CCCU member, and Nevadan at heart. He enjoys writing about and helping others with personal finance. He is also a husband, father, volleyball player, and mostly retired skateboarder. He currently lives in Michigan with his wife and 3 children. You can read more from him at
'Tis the season for giving

The holidays are upon us! It’s the perfect time of year to give a helping hand. Our food drive at 2625 N Tenaya was so successful last month that we decided to keep it going until December 11. If you have any non-perishable food items, please feel free to bring them by during business hours. 
Each year local credit unions get together at St. Rose hospitals to decorate the children's ward. Our employees are looking forward to this upcoming event.
Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest will have two special nights in which credit union employees will be volunteering their time: December 6 and December 19. We hope to see you there! For more information, visit their website:  

Pictured above: Sabrina Maciech, Lynn Reiter and Ray Parkhurst volunteering at the Magical Forest in 2014.

Have you started your holiday shopping already? Do you have so much stuff that you need a truck just to haul it all home from the store? You’re in luck! Members Auto, a wholly owned subsidiary of CCCU, has a gorgeous Cadillac Escalade for sale. This AWD vehicle is fully loaded with leather, power seats, a moon roof, a backup camera and more. Check it out, along with the other inventory at 
Notice of Annual Meeting
Thursday, January 21, 2015
5:30 P.M.

Tenaya branch
2625 N Tenaya Way
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Results of Last Month's Survey

Last month, in the spirit of Halloween, we asked our readers what super power they would choose to have. 

Some of our favorite responses included: 

  • Being able to heal...both mentally & physically
  • The ability to cure cancer
  • Love, It has the ability to change hearts and minds
  • The power of discerning truth from lies
  • Time travel
  • Open peoples eyes to Jesus
  • In this busy world, the power to be in two places at the same time
  • Superman
  • Power to diagnose any illness before it became deadly by looking at a person
  • Read minds
  • Have the ability to cure all physical and emotional illnesses with a touch of my wand!
  • To be invisible! Just think of all the places you could go and see! No one would know!
  • Super hearing
  • I'd be a nurse!
  • To heal children who are terminally ill. On a lighter note, be able to fly over traffic!!
  • Teleportation. I would travel the world easily, save time on my daily commute, and just have fun!
  • To fly
  • Power to heal
  • Blanket the world in peace
  • The power to freeze time
Thanks to those that participated. My personal choice would have been teleportation, but after the devastating events that took place in Paris and Beirut recently, I'm changing my choice to match "blanket the world in peace" as my new favorite. (Thank you, Lynne Cavalieri, for that message. It's obvious that you have a kind heart and loving intentions.)
Answer our one-question survey
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